River Cruise - Useful Information

General Useful Information for hiring River Cruise Boats in France and Germany


Here we have some basic information that will help you when cruising on the rivers of France and Germany.


Departure Dates


In general your cruise will start between 4 & 6 p.m. on a Saturday. It is possible, however, to begin your cruise during the week, subject to availability, when our staff will have even more time to devote to you.




An absolute necessity for exploring the area where you've moored, little villages, places of interest or simply for going to buy your daily bread. A bike can help you make unforgettable discoveries.




How do I go through a lock ?


This is a simple, pleasant manoeuvre if a few basic guidelines are followed : always take it slowly, with care, and remain patient if there are other boats waiting. Manually operated locks are easier with a minimum of two agile people!


In general, lock-keepers do not work on Bank Holidays (these dates vary according to region) - Easter Sunday, Whitsunday, 1st May, 14th July and 1st November. In Anjou, Charente and the Lot, locks are open all year round.


Will I have to pay to go through a lock?


During your cruise you will have to negotiate a number of locks and bridges. Passage through these is free.


Are all locks automatic?


Some locks are automatic whilst others are manual, and the lock-keeper may ask you to lend a hand. In the Charente, the locks are operated by the user - thus you are not restricted by timetables.




All waterways are subject to restrictions and possible closure for essential repairs and general maintenance. The dates are normally notified in March and this may make it necessary for us to alter your cruise itinerary or departure port, for which we cannot be held responsible.


High Water


Some rivers flood in Springtime. It may be preferable to use the canals instead and we may, in certain cases, ask you to change your departure point. We cannot be held responsible for these cases.


Russian Translation Available This article is also available in Russian - Круиз по реке – Полезная информация