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Alte Burg in Neustadt


Length of Waterway : 183 km from Dömitz to Müritzarm. The old fortified
town of Dömitz marks the start of the waterway and after some time on the river it develops into a fascinating network of beautiful lakes. After passing Neustadt-Glewe, you coast through meadows and ponds, forests and riverside scenery. Just after the brewery town of Lübz you pass first Lake
Plau and eventually Lake Müritz, one of the largest lakes in Germany.
Throughout the trip through the Lake District and the Müritz National Park, bird watching fans
should have their binoculars at the ready. Here is a unique opportunity to watch cranes, ospreys and sea eagles.

Plau Lock

Locks : 17 locks. Note: the German word for lock is "Schleuse".

Along the Way

We have another Rental Base nearby: at Marina Wolfsbruch on the shores of the Rheinsberger Gewässer on the Müritz-Havel-Waterstrasse.

Dömitz is a town in the district of Ludwigslust, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. It is situated on the right bank of the Elbe. The name suggests that the town is of Slavic origin. It was settled comparitively late due to the poor soils and regular flooding. The first reference to it is historical records is in 1230. Of interest in Dömitz are the ruins of the railway bridge over the Elbe, the historic section of town, Fortress Doemitz, the wildlife area (Binnenwanderduene) and the road bridge over the Elbe

Malchower See


Müritz National Park - The Müritz National Park is situated in the south of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. It extends over large portions of the Müritz lakeland in the two districts of Müritz and Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The total area is 318 km². The National Park is divided into two separate areas: The larger portion extends from the eastern shore of Lake Müritz to the town of Neustrelitz. The smaller portion is situated east of Neustrelitz. 65 % of the National Park is occupied by forests, 12 % by lakes. Lake Müritz has an area of 118 km², but only its eastern shore is part of the National Park. The towns of Waren and Neustrelitz are the gateways to the National Park. Famous animals in the National Park include the red deer, the crane, the white-tailed eagle and the osprey.

Schloss Klink on Muritz


Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route - Total length 600km, mostly asphalt across largely level terrain. Only few climbs worth mentioning.

Starting from Lüneburg in Lower Saxony, the lake tour takes you through the Elbe Valley nature reserve toward the Elbe River. From there, it’s on to the town of Dömitz. Although the route turns away from the river at this point, the cycle path is never far away as the river winds its way between all those lakes. After passing
the town of Lübz you pass first Lake Plau and Lake Müritz. Following almost the entire perimeter of the lake, the route makes for both panoramic and leisurely cycling. After the towns of Neustrelitz
and Neubrandenburg, the sea becomes closer by the Szczecin Lagoon
(Stettiner Haff) And at the Isle of Usedom, you have reached the Baltic Sea. The last few miles contain
traditional seaside resorts of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. The route ends in
Wolgast on the Peene River.

For more information on this and more cycle routes in the Mecklenburg Lake district contact Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.