River Cruise Charente, France

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River Cruise Hire in Charente, France - The loveliest river in France.

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Charente, France Region Map Charente, France Region Map
Charente, France Region Map - The loveliest river in France.  
Charente, France Region Map Charente, France Region Map

88km • 30 locks • 22hr cruising time

Charente fluviale – Explore the village of Bassac and its remarkable 1,000 year old abbey. Discover some of the finest Romanesque art in the region at the church of Saint-Pierre in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente. Cruise on to Mosnac and admire a gleaming collection of vintage cars. Pick up some tasty chocolates in Trois-Palis – a chocoholics heaven and enjoy a tasting at the town’s chocolate factory. Hike up the slope to Angoulême and enjoy magnificent views from the ancient ramparts.


186km • 12 locks • 33hr cruising time

Charente maritime – Cruise to Saint Brice and discover the castle, which has a unique Renaissance façade. Relax with a picnic in the pretty park or tee off at the town’s golf course on the banks of the river. Sample authentic brandy in Cognac and visit the famous cognac houses. Continue to Saintes and discover amazing archaeological finds including Roman columns, frescoes and statues. Visit the excellent maritime museum at Rochefort.