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Itineraries for Migennes

Migennes -> Chatillon sur Loire
Two Week One Way Trip
Cruise North from Migennes to Sens, one of the oldest towns of Gaule, and the gothic cathedral of St Etienne is striking evidence of its past glories. The town also has a great choice of restaurants, shops and cinemas as well as a covered market close to the Cathedral.

Carry on cruising to the lively town of Montereau. From here the Upper Seine and the River Yonne quickly swings South onto the River Loing, joining the Canal du Loing at Moret sur Loing. There is time to visit this charming little town with its 12th Century dungeon and old winding streets, before setting off up the canal towards Nemours, beautifully situated in the rocky and wooded river valley.

Cruise into Briare, you will have time to visit the famous aqueduct which made this crossing unnecessary, and the delightful faience and mariners' museums in this small town. Finish your cruise in Chatillon sur Loire.

Local Information

Migennes is a commune located in the département de l'Yonne and the Burgundy area. Its inhabitants are called Migennois. Located 20 kilometers from Auxerre at the heart of Yonne, Migennes is at the confluence of Armançon and Yonne. Moreover, Migennes is the starting point of the Canal de Bourgogne which finishes its course at Saint-Jean-of-Losne. The church of Saint-Pancrace (13th century with changes made in the 16th century) has some interesting architectural features. The parish church has a interesting mural which illustrates the brevity of life.


Migennes is at the confluence of Armançon and Yonne and is the starting point of the Canal de Bourgogne. It also provides access to the Canal Latéral à la Loire.