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Terms and Conditions

Please note that when you pick up your motor boat, you will sign a contract with the rental supplier. In the case of accidents and/or disputes, you should contact the base. We will endeavour to facilitate communications, but your contract is with the supplier.
Due to circumstances beyond the control of the rental bases, it may be necessary to substitute boat models. The base will endeavour to give you the same type of craft.

Payment Information

All payments are due on the due date.
The deposit is due at the time of booking. The full payment is due 100 days before rental.
For the bookings made less than 100 days prior to departure, full payment must be paid at the time of booking. The payment must to be made before pick-up in all rentals.
Any alterations to a booking will incur a Euro50 fee!
A Refundable Damage Deposit of Euro 1,500 or a non-refundable damage waiver is required at the start of the hire to cover any damages or expenses against the boat not covered by insurance and to ensure that the boat is returned in the same condition as upon pick-up.
The damage deposit is fully refunded after the return of the boat in satisfactory condition.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds can be given for rentals ended early, late collections, no shows or cancellations made after the rental start date, even if cancellation protection is taken.

All cancellations must be made in writing, by fax or email. Date of cancellation is taken as the date that the cancellation request is received (working days only).

Cancellation of a booking incurs the loss of all monies paid unless Cancellation Protection is purchased.

Cancellation Protection (CP)

Cancellation Protection is available for non-EU residents.
Cancellation insurance for EU residents is included in the Personal Holiday Insurance.

For Non-EU residents, please contact us to arrange Cancelation Protection.

Protected Cancellation Charges

There is a Euro 50 processing fee only, if you have Cancellation Protection.

No Refund For Late Departure Or Early Return


The Rental Supplier has comprehensively insured the boat and its equipment. The policy covers damage or loss to the boat and its equipment and also no less than €7m third party liability. This policy extends to cover any incident
caused by the hirer or the hirer’s crew. The policy in place has certain reasonable exclusions to cover as a result of certain actions by the hirer or the
hirer’s crew. These include wilful damage or gross negligence, person being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or as a result of not obeying the instructions of a member of rental staff. If the insurer fails to indemnify the Rental Supplier because of the above then the hirer is responsible for all costs, losses, expenses, damages and claims incurred by, or awarded against, the Rental Supplier which would otherwise be covered by the indemnity. The Rental supplier insurance does not cover the hirer’s personal belongings. We strongly recommend that you take out our Travel Insurance – a summary of the insurance that we offer is included in these terms and conditions. If you do not require our Travel Insurance we will ask you to sign and complete an insurance indemnity form with your alternative insurance policy details.

Damage Waiver
Insurers charge the rental supplier an excess with every incident for which a claim is made. To encourage a duty of care from you, the hirer, and to contribute to covering this cost we ask you to pay either:
Option 1 Refundable Damage Deposit
On arrival at the base, you leave a refundable damage waiver of €1500, which will only be exercised if the boat or any of its equipment/inventory is returned damaged or lost, as well as costs of any accidental damage or injury to any third parties. This will not be the case if there is evidence of gross neglect, which is excluded from our cover under our insurance policy.
Option 2: Non-refundable damage waiver
This charge between €75 and €155 can be paid on arrival or at the time of booking. With this option you will be fully covered if the boat or any of its equipment inventory is returned damaged or lost, as well as costs of any accidental damage or injury to any third parties. This will not be the case if there is evidence of gross neglect, which is excluded from our cover under our insurance policy. These charges do not alter the hirer’s potential liability outlined in the insurance paragraph above.

Price Includes

A fully equipped galley
A set of linen for all beds per week
Boat driving demonstration
Technical support 7 days a week
A river / canal map
Captain’s handbook

Extras Available

Standard bicycle
Cross country bicycle
Waterway guide
Outboard motor
Angling dinghy
Car transfer
Personal Holiday Insurance
Cancellation insurance – For Non EU residents only

Maintenance, Responsibility and Breakdown

The hirer and drivers are obliged to check the condition of the boat at pickup, and observe the terms and conditions of the rental agreement which have to be signed in the rental base before car delivery.

During the rental, the customer must keep the boat in operational and safe condition. All services and checks must be carried out in accordance to the regulations of the agreement with the rental company. Oil, lights, fuel system etc. must be monitored by the hirer. Use of the craft is limited to approved waterways, as set down in the waterways guide and as advised by rental staff on collection.

The hirer is responsible for the full amount of the total damage for all damages to the boat as a result of disregarding these conditions, of travelling on unauthorised waterways, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, of intentional damages or due to negligence. Customers are responsible for reporting all damages and accidents by phoning the rental base and using the form supplied. Customers are responsible for the payment of all fines incurred by them, at rental termination.

There is a breakdown service during normal working hours every day of the week. We will
endeavour to attend and repair a breakdown or technical incident as quickly as possible. The hirer will have no claim against the rental supplier for any failure caused by the hirer including but not limited to grounding, and in such instances the company will reserve the right to recover from the hirer the expenses incurred in repairing the boat.

Dogs are permitted on rental boats. There is no charge for this, but if the rental staff feel that extra cleaning is required at the return of the boat, you will be asked to pay the cleaning fee.

Boat Collection and Return

Boat collection is usually at 1600hrs on your day of departure.
Return is usually at 0900hrs on the day of return.
Late returns will incur an abandonment fee of Euro500
Boats are supplied in a clean condition and with full fuel tank. The boat should be returned at the end of rental in the same condition. If it is not a cleaning fee of between Euro 50 and Euro 100 will be charged.
Fuel is charged by the litre.

Licence and Restrictions

The hirer must be at least 18 years of age. The minimum number of people required to rent a boat is 2.

No licence is required to handle a rental boat, but hirer is responsible for the proper conduct of him/herself and all members of their party.
Use of the craft is limited to approved waterways, as set down in the waterways guide and as advised by rental staff on collection. The rental supplier reserves the right to terminate a rental of any client who refuses to comply with reasonable instruction from rental company staff, its representatives, or otherwise responsible person, and whose behaviour is likely to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others.

Personal Holiday Insurance

The Rental Suppliers offers a Travel Insurance scheme for holidays booked through them. This insurance is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc. This insurance is managed by Towergate Chase Parkinson (part of the Towergate Underwriting Group). AXA Insurance UK plc and Towergate Chase Parkinson are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
This policy is conditional upon each insured person being in good health at the time of booking. If you are aware of any medical conditions or material facts that may prevent acceptance of your cover, it is vital that you inform Towergate Chase Parkinson on 0044 (0) 870 906 3142.

Benefits include
• Every policy-paying passenger is covered for cancellation up to €7,500.
• 14 day cooling off period from sight of policy and full refund if not suitable
• There are no territorial restrictions in regard to the cruising area
• Free of charge, pre-screening medical service prior to departure – 0044 (0) 1932 334 198
• International medical rescue cover to include hospitalisation and repatriation

Insurance premiums per person will be added to your invoice as follows:
Up to 9 days Euro 33
Up to 17 days Euro 42
Up to 24 days Euro 56
Extra 7 days Euro 27

Price includes government taxes currently at 2.5%.
N.B: Infants, under the age of 2 on return from holiday, are insured free of charge whentravelling with parents insured under this scheme.
Full details of your cover will be sent to you with your holiday confirmation on request, but themain benefits per person (to a maximum) are as follows:
Cancellation €7,500
Medical Expenses & Repatriation €3,000,000
Curtailment & Hospital Benefit €7,500
Luggage & Personal Money €3,000
Luggage Delay €250
Personal Liability €1,500,000
Personal Accident €22,000
Loss of Passport €370
Delayed Departure €150
Missed Departure €750
Policy Excess €75 (loss of deposit €30)

Your insurance covers commences on the date in which you leave Ireland, or your country of residence for your departure point for your Connoisseur or Emerald Star holiday, or the departure point at your chosen holiday destination. If you have to cancel your holiday, the policy may, depending on the reason for the cancellation, cover you for the cancellation fees levied by Connoisseur/Emerald Star. Any flights, ferries and accommodation not arranged by Connoisseur/Emerald Star may be covered by this policy, but please ensure that the duration of the policy is correct and contact
Towergate Chase Parkinson direct for confirmation. If you are not using our provided insurance cover, Connoisseur/Emerald Star requests that you
complete, sign and return an Insurance Indemnity form. Please note if you do not insure with Towergate Chase Parkinson in may be more difficult for our operational staff overseas to assist in cases of emergency.
N.B: Non-Ireland residents seeking to take out our insurance should be aware that their own countries might have restrictive rules preventing them from taking our insurance. Please check this with a local travel agency in your own country.


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